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About Us

Hello, Dear Customer!
Welcome to Zhannel! We are happy to see you in our store. And would like to introduce ourselves in case you have never heard about our company or you want to learn more who we are.

Who is Zhannel?

Zhannel is the great place to find the gifts for everyone you love and care. We offer some rare items that are very hard to find. For your convenience, we also refer to the external links to other websites to find the products that we currently do not offer or run out of stock. Although we don't take any responsibility for the transitions made outside of our site, we are always referring only to the trusted sources, including Amazon, Nordstrom, Walmart and much more. 
Zhannel is truly the best place to shop for any holiday or occasion. Whether is it Christmas, birthday, Wedding, Valentine's Day or Mother's Day, you will find that perfect gift right here.
You will find:   
* Swarovski jewelry  
* Swarovski crystal figurines
* Swarovski accessories
* Zhannel Real Leaf Jewelry
* Zhannel Silver Jewelry
* Fashion Jewelry
* and Lalique items

We guarantee 100% authenticity of each and every product we carry in our store!!!

The quality of our items is truly exceptional. We check every single item before sending it out... TWICE! Why? Because we want to make sure that you, our customer, are happy at the end! We believe the less issues arise during the transition - the better experience the customer has - the more successful business we have.
We have been in this industry for over 10 years. During this time we've seen how the online business was changing and growing every year. Therefore we were learning, changing and growing together with our clientele. Until today we are improving every day and trying to accommodate the needs of the modern world of technology and walk the same step with the time.
From our experience, in this world of internet it all comes down to a great value, excellent quality and exceptional customer service. That is what we are striving for. And this became the mission of our business.


But we all know that this world is not perfect and not every transaction can run as smoothly as it should. Cause we are all human and we can all make mistakes. That is why we are taking all the responsibility if something happens on the way and quickly taking care of any problem. Just contact us and let us know, we will resolve any issue for you.
Visit our Contact us page for more information on how to reach us. 
And also if that perfect gift turned out to be not that perfect, or you just changed your mind about your purchase, we offer headache free returns.
Please see our Shipping and Returns page for more details. 

Our Vision 

All in all we created our business to bring the joy to the world, the visual and the mental joy. Cause our mind always appreciates the beauty we create around our home and family.
In the end we would like to thank you for visiting our website! Feel free to have a shopping spree with us. We guarantee your satisfaction! 
 Zhannel Team