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Quality of fine Silver jewelry. How to choose the best quality silver jewelry.

Posted by Ann Zhuravel on


It is very confusing market in the silver jewelry nowadays. If you go to eBay you will find some very impressive silver rings with gorgeous huge CZ stones for $5 shipped from China. Too good to be true? Well... Yes it is indeed. Don't be fooled by this. Remember the saying: If you buy cheaply you pay deeply... ? It's a simple math.

So let's say you bought that nice looking ring from eBay for $5 (by the way I am not saying you should not buy from eBay. It's a great marketplace to find a product for best price. I absolutely love it myself. You just need to know what you are looking for and who you are buying from). You are thinking: "No problem. I know the ring won't last forever. That's fine. I will buy another one to replace it. Anyway it is so cheap". 

Well... Here it comes the problem. Did you know that average Silver ring without the plating or even with one coat of plating will last only for 2 weeks during normal wearing? What happens after that you ask?

First of all silver tarnishes and loses its color. NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO. Shocking right? But that is not the biggest issue. In that jewelry that you bought for $5 was used so little amount of Silver that it is going to bend and break with a smallest amount of pressure on it.

Next problem is if you have any stones on the ring. They will fell out with the first contact with the water. Why? Cause they are not set as the gold and diamond jewelry. They are glued. The stones might stay on the ring if you wash your hands once,  but definitely not the second time. NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO. NO MATTER HOW CAREFUL YOU ARE.

Ok. Let's say 2 weeks passed by. You liked the ring. Now it is time to change it. No problem. Another $5 and you have a brand new ring. Hmm... then another 5... then another 5... then... by the end of the year you have a bill of $120. Interesting! Was it that cheap? I don't think so. What you have after a year and $120 spent? An option to buy another ring. So may be this time it should be a smarter choice, something better than a five-dollar-ring-from-China. By the way I have nothing against China. Lots of quality products come from there. 

So here is what you need to know before you buy silver jewelry. 

1. When you are looking for a silver jewelry look for STERLING SILVER WITH .925 STAMP ON IT.

2. Look for Gold or Rhodium Plated Silver (or it can be both)

3. Ask the seller how many coats of plating does the jewelry have

4. Check how many grams the jewelry weights (average good quality ring weights approx. 4-6gr)

5. If there are any CZ stones ask how they were paved 

6. Check on the quality of the CZ Stone. It is as important as if you are buying diamonds. Check the grade of the Cubic Zirconia. It can be from A grade up to AAAAA grade and up to Signity grade (highest quality of gemstones cuts that Swarovski uses till today). Read more about the quality and grades of CZ stones in my next blog. 

So if you have this list in check you will end up spending on average $45-85 for a very high quality ring that will last not for 1 year but up to 10 years and more. So that is savings of... $1,100 and some dollars. Nice right? It will be well worth spent money and happy smile on your face when everybody compliments your gorgeous ring. 

Happy shopping and good luck finding the ring of your dreams!

P.S The best Sterling Silver jewelry you can ever buy if it is made by applying gold and diamonds technology. Be confident to buy highest quality sterling silver jewelry from Zhannel

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